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Karen Wimhurst in collaboration with MoDiP and the Arts Council of England presents Synthetica, a contemporary chamber opera. Unable to tour UK Theatres due to lockdown, the opera has been repackaged into an online format.


soprano Brittany Soriano,

Elaine Close on trumpet and vinyl DJ Ole Rudd.

Vinyl crackles, a locked groove, plastic waves breaking upon the shore of a new continent ‘Synthetica’, rising from a sea of glass. It’s the dawn of the twentieth century and a new eco-material is appearing, promising a glorious democracy worldwide. During the 1930’s the scintillation of cellophane crystalises a modern era of Freudian advertising. By the end of the century, the horror of the Pacific Garbage Patch is the new continent manifested in our oceans

Synthetica will premier for one night only on 

Friday 12th February at 7pm

Tickets are free - suggested donation £5

You tube link will be sent to you after registration

The opera will be streamed in its entirety to celebrate the launch of this website, housing an interactive journey through the opera and educational resources. 

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