Chapter 12 - The Unwritten Future

What do you think the future holds?

Composer Karen Wimhurst in Collaboration with the Museum of Design in Plastics(MoDiP) are excited to invite your contribution to the opera in The Fanfares Project.


This is your chance to COMPOSE

How to get involved


Contributors are invited to participate in creating the final chapter of the opera – chapter 12 The Unwritten Chapter for a new century. Each contribution will be reviewed by composer Karen Wimhurst and a curated selection broadcast on the Chapter 12 page on the Synthetica Website Twelve contributions will be selected and performed by BBC symphony trumpeter Elaine Close at BEAF festival in May 2021.


Your contribution will consist of a newly composed Fanfare and an announcement to herald in the new age. The fanfare must consist of a ceremonial tune or flourish no longer than 12 bars to be played on trumpet. This must be followed by an announcement of up to 300 words detailing your vision of the future addressing the question asked in Chapter 11 - Dreamstate.

We recommend participating in the live streamed composition and performance workshops by the Synthetica creative team. To organise a workshop contact MoDiP at

Submissions can be accepted from individuals who have not accessed the workshops. 

Submissions are uploaded directly to the Synthetica website on this page. A PDF or Microsoft Word file is preferred. The file must not exceed 5mb. Before you can use the file upload area you will need to sign up to this website by creating a username and password. Click on the Sign In box in the top right of this page  to start the process.


The file name must include your second name, first name followed by your school/organisation:

For example:       turner_lucy_GalstonPrimarySchool.pdf


Download the Fanfare brief which explains how to get involved with the project in detail.