Chapter 12 - Fanfare for a new age

A premiere for the Bournemouth Arts By The Sea Festival 2021

Young writers at Poole Lighthouse, took up the challenge of researching visionary enterprises which address new plastic solutions through recycled and upcycled materials, alternative raw material feedstocks and biomimicry. They transformed this research into poetic text sung by Jeremy Avis. 

Bournemouth University music technology students used this poetry alongside a new fanfare and generated sounds from single use plastics. They upcycled these materials by improvising, degrading, recreating and recycling the audio into their own tracks.

Watch the Chapter 12 edit here, showcasing all the audio from the workshops

Outputs from young writers libretto workshop

1.  Solidwool  



2.  Floating On Oceans


Floating on oceans

3.  Gumdrop Bin


Gumdrop Bin

Outputs from music students from Bournemouth University and Arts University Bournemouth

Fanfare by Marta Teixeira
Where can the plastic go now by Chris Barwise
Track submitted by Oscar Wolfe
Track submitted by Callum Bailey

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