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Vinyl crackles… a locked groove… the breaking of plastic waves. In an attic of bubble wrap, the story of our synthetic world is unpacked. 1907; excitement dawns as the dawning of Synthetica promises the end of poverty and exploiting our natural world… no need for ivory… a glorious democracy built with this material of endless forms. The polymer parade begins; the spell of Bakelite is cast; the scintillation of cellophane, advertising and consumerism takes hold; easy wipe clean living, the immorality of single use throwaways.

Synthetica is a fractured sung narrative exploring the Midas touch of our times… so much made possible within the heartbeat of environmental catastrophe.

Now available on this website as chaptered video pieces, Synthetica has been translated into an interactive online opera experience and is accessible to all.

Produced by MoDiP AUB

The Cast
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Voice Overs

Brittany Soriano

Elaine Close

Ole Rudd

Fraser Wilson




Sound Production

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Video Production

Karen Wimhurst

Katharine Piercey

Paige Gregory & Sandra Philips

Ed Bersey

Lucy Turner


Ed Bersey, Karen Wimhurst, Lucy Turner