The opera is presented in chapters. The first 11 chapters formed the original stage production and later the online film and can be accessed by clicking on an image on the vinyl disk below. 

Record Deck_plain2.png
Chapter 1, Prologue the dreamstate
Chapter 2 Synthetica, the utopian dream
Chapter 3, Material of a thousand uses
Chapter 4, Translucency
Chapter 5, War a time of mass production
Chapter 6, A fermentation of stuff
Chapter 7, Vinyl
Chapter 8, In every pore
Chapter 9, Screen
Chapter 10, Beetle
Chapter 11, Epilogue, dreamstate
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Chapter 12

Now beyond the golden age of plastics, this opera asks what can guide our new era as we struggle to reshape our world in terms of design and desire.  


As part of the Bournemouth Arts By the Sea Festival 2021, students from BU music production course in collaboration with young writers from the Lighthouse and other young musicians created a Fanfare, Chapter 12 to explore their responses to this question with the international soloist Jeremy Avis. 

This is an open chapter, if you'd like to contribute please contact the composer Karen Wimhurst